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One world – One motion

The car: an idea spread around the world – and returns to its roots as a worldwide art-project in the year of its 125th anniversary.

Stuttgart. In the place where in 1886, 125 years ago, the heart of “automobilisation” started to beat, setting the whole world in motion, the spark for the world’s biggest Automobile Art Project “One world 1 motion” will be ignited. This global Video Artwork will unite car-enthusiasts of all continents and nations.

Everybody is invited to become a part of the myth by means of a personal car-video. From the urban jungle of Hong Kong to the wide open spaces of Australia through the depths of Russia, from Old Europe to the New World in the West, this “once in a lifetime”-event will unite people all over the world in a unique art installation created from the car videos submitted. At the end the result will be an active video-collage dedicated to cars of the world.

The world premiere of “One world 1 motion” will take place in Stuttgart during the Opening Ceremony of the “Retro Classics”, an international car trade show. Stuttgart is the capital centre of Baden-Württemberg, the state where the success story of the automobile was born in 1886 with the invention of the first car by Carl Benz, the Benz Motorwagen.

Stuttgart remains to this day the home of world famous car brands such as Mercedes and Porsche. The premiere of “One world 1 motion” will mark the opening of the “Automobile Summer 2011”.

After the premiere of “One world 1 motion” in Stuttgart, the art-project will travel around the globe.

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